Free Kids' Valentine Card Download!

Valentine's Day?! Already?! Kind of feels like we just finished up putting away the Christmas decorations....

I personally love Valentine's Day, but it's kind of an odd holiday for kids, no? And I definitely always felt weird around "love" Valentine's as a kid. Even in 2023 it can be kind of hard to find fun, friendly kids' cards that don't lean in too hard on the love theme. So I thought I would make my own for my kids in 2022 and I updated the design and added 2 new colors for 2023!

All you need is some card stock, a hole punch, and some silly straws. It's a bonus if you can find heart-shaped silly straws, but definitely not necessary!

I'm planning on printing my cards on card stock at Staples because I don't have a printer at home. I'm really lucky my kids have smaller classes, but even in a class with 24, it's only $3.40 to outsource the printing. If you can print at home, it would be pennies to print these! Silly straws will bring the price up a bit more, but if you buy in bulk at one of the Capitalist Good Emporiums, you can probably get this all done for under $15, depending on class size. 

Click here to download the PDF with six 3"x3" cards on standard 8.5"x11" paper (no formatting necessary!!).

To assemble, simply cut out the cards, punch a hole where the solid circles are, and slide a silly straw through the holes! If you feel like getting extra fancy, you can use a corner rounder to round the corners but these will look super cute either way!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

If you happen to snap a pic and wanna share with me on Instagram I would LOVE to see!