Free Kids' Valentine Card Download!


One of my favorite fun and totally  unnecessary parts of parenting is sending in  a little treat with my kids for the holidays at  school. I have no idea what prompted me to  start this because I am the LEAST Pinterest  parent I know, but it's just a fun little thing I love to do that gives me some parenting joy. My kids probably don't even care as much as I do, honestly, but I just love it anyway!

  This year for Valentine's Day I grabbed some Silly Straws and wanted to make some cute little cards to poke the straws through and I thought some other parent out there might want to borrow this simple but super fun idea!

  I'm planning on printing my cards on card stock at Staples because I don't have a printer at home. I'll need 15 for my son's class, 3 sheets, and it's $0.77 a sheet so super affordable, maybe even cheaper than the paper cards in the box in some cases! Depending on where you buy silly straws, you can really be all in on this project for around $10-15! Not bad for a fun little class treat if that's the kind of thing that brings you joy (but like seriously, if you skipped cards entirely I'm not judging because parenting is hard enough!). 

Click here to download the PDF with six 3"x3" cards on standard 8.5"x11" paper (no formatting!!)! 

To assemble simply cut out the cards, punch a hole where the blue circles are and slide a silly straw through the holes! If you feel like getting extra fancy, you can use a corner rounder to round the corners but these will look super cute either way! Happy Valentine's Day! 

If you happen to snap a pic and wanna share with me on Instagram I would LOVE to see!