About the Artist

   Elliot is a multidisciplinary craft artist living in a little house in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania with his kids, partner, and long little doggie, Charlotte. He studied Crafts at The University of the Arts in Center City, Philadelphia, with a focus in ceramics.

   While taking some time away from making art professionally to raise his kids, Elliot began to notice that the world was starting to look...more homogenous. Every car was suddenly black or white, every logo has been reimagined into a "sleeker" (read:boring) design--all the personality & character seemed to be zapped from our surrounding world. Concerned about how gray everything suddenly seemed, Elliot was inspired to open Ell Camille Design Co., a place where weird and fun and nostalgia could thrive.

   Welcome to ECDC! From jewelry to home decor, you can be sure to find something to brighten up your corner of the world. Please poke around the shop and bask in the joy Elliot has created with his little trinkets and knick-knacks, and maybe find the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love!